Prayer of Praise & thankfulness

Abba Father in Heaven, I
worship You, You are the truth and there is none like You.  I thank you for your breath of life in me.  
Your faithfulness, goodness, mercy and love is everlasting  & unchanging. 
Thank You Lord,
When I am hungry You are my Bread,
When I am weak, You are my Strength
When I am hurt , You are my Healing
When I am confuse, You are my Wisdom 
When I am lonely, You are my Companion
When I am in danger, You are my Protection
When I am lost, You are my Guidance
When I am in a battle, You are my Victory 
When I am stress, You are my Peace.
Lord, you are the treasure that I seek, You are my 
all in all .
I pour my love on You and my praises be lavish on You like sweet perfume 
In Jesus Name , Amen


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