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QUOTE FOR TODAY The central promise of the Bible is not, "I will forgive you."  The most frequent promise is "I will be with you." 📖 - John Ortberg

Morning Prayer - 29/02/24

Good morning Abba Father, I love you. I want to thank you for the night peaceful rest. Thank you for waking me up this morning, every breath that I have is a gift from You. I surrender my today into your Mighty loving hands to lead me & guide me in my words, actions &  thoughts, may it glorify your Name Whatever lies beyond me I may not know or see but I know You are with me , in me & for me, my Faithful Shepherd who lead & guide my pathway. Keep me away from temptation & deception. I love you Lord for your mercy never fails me. In Jesus Name Amen

PRAYER - 28/2/24

 Prayer 🙏                        Father in Heaven,   the Holy One, we praise & worship You. The One who owns & holds everything. Everything is for You  and everything comes from You Father as we go by our daily routines, remind us that You are the Sovereign Owner of everything .  In Jesus name , Amen.