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Short Prayer - 24/04/24

Abba Father in Heaven you are Holy forever.  May we give you all the reverend awe due to you. We thank you for all things are from you and all things are for you You are God of the present, God of the future,  You wright our story   You hold it all together  Amen

Morning Prayer - 17/04/24

Abba Father in Heaven ,  I thank you for another new day and your mercy  are new every morning.  As I go about with my daily routine, I pray for your guidance, wisdom and strength in every decisions and choices that I have to make. Teach me  to call on you for wisdom, guidance and direction, for you are my Faithful Shepherd . Help me to be quick to listen and slow to speak, when I meet people who disagrees or have different perspectives . Keep me away from deception and temptation  I thank you Lord that I am your child, highly   favoured and greatly blessed   May all that I do bring Glory to your Name. In Jesus Name, Amen

PRAYER - 03/04/24

Abba Father in Heaven, you will be with us in every situations we faced. You will help us to handle the situation   We acknowledge you Lord is bigger than anything we will face. Help us to be like David when he faced Goliath, he didn't focus on how big Goliath was, he remembered how big God is and God was standing with him to see him through. Thank you Lord for being with us  and who goes before us to give us strength to overcome situation. We declared we are more than Conquerors in Christ Jesus. Amen