Prayer For Pastor's & Leaders

Lord Jesus, we thank you for Pastors and Leaders who love the church and it's members
May Pastors and Leaders be guided by You to lead the church and the various ministries with your vision. 
Grant Pastors and Leaders to be devoted, United and blessed with good combination of gifts and abilities to complement one another so that their members would be built biblically and equipped for every good works
Lord anoint them  with the power of the Holy Spirit  to move in boldness and in power.
Help them know that they are not called to exert their authority but to be clothed with the fruits of the spirit.
Protect them from the scheme of the enemies who try to steal rob and destroy what You have for them.
Covered them and their family with the precious blood of the Lamb as they serve You faithfully .
And in their serving You, Lord remind them to make time for their family.
In Jesus Matchless Name, Amen


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